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Beyond operating the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, forex broker, multi investment company, Forex Option Inc spans an entire ecosystem. Forex Option Inc LLC Brokerage Firm 23/10/ · Top 6 Forex Trading Platforms For Beginners (List) eToro: Overall Best Forex Trading App ; Libertex: Popular Forex trading platform with tight spreads offers; Forex Option Profit is world's leading cryptocurrency online investment and trading platform that offers Bitcoin trading options, provides 24/7 customer support, high level of security, and 21/12/ · A list of some of the top options trading platforms is: AvaTrade – The Best Forex Options Trading Platform; Robinhood – The Best Options Trading Platform for Beginners; The Platform: Ease of use, the option chain, analytics (in examining potential option traders) and option screeners are what we look for any platform. While more seasoned traders and ... read more

This will give them a chance to have a well-diversified portfolio if that is part of their strategy. eToro rewards club members and popular investors that advance to higher level status with a unique level of benefits. eToro is licensed by four different regulatory bodies: Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Authority, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and Australian Securities and Investments Commission. With these regulations, the possibility of fraud and malpractices is reduced.

eToro offers a comprehensive demo account, which is a complete replica of the real trading account. You can make an easy switch between both accounts. eToro offers negative balance protection to traders. Even when the market fluctuates swiftly or has gaps, negative balance protection ensures that traders do not lose more than the balance in their accounts.

The eToro Academy offers all resources needed to learn how to be successful in trading and investing. This was introduced recently to make the eToro platform more attractive to beginner traders. However, the eToro Academy is not for beginner traders only but has advanced-level learning materials as well. Visit eToro Now.

If you're looking for a forex trading platform that is reliable, user-friendly, and perfect for beginners, then Libertex should be your number one choice. Libertex is a robust online trading app designed to enhance your trading experience. Libertex is a global, reliable company with more than 20 years of financial market and online-trading expertise, with over 2. The trading platform is licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC and offers negative balance protection.

Libertex increases the freedom of traders by allowing maximum leverage of You are free to use Libertex's demo account for as long as you like, there is no time limit. One of the most lucrative methods for making additional money online is through Libertex's Forex Trading Affiliate Program. The freedom you have when it comes to trading is the coolest feature of Libertex.

You can choose from some cross and exotic currency pairs at Libertex. Libertex also offers educational materials a lesson course where anyone can learn the basics of trading. Visit Libertex Now. AvaTrade is a great fx trading platform for beginners.

The trading platform excels in providing FX and CFD traders with a wide range of trading platforms. Trading platforms like WebTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Automated trading, etc.

You can copy the trades of others, usually more experienced traders by using automated trading platforms. This allows you to fully automate your trading and allows you to trade even if you are a complete beginner. These automated trading platforms include Duplitrade, ZuluTrade, and AvaSocial. Duplitrade enables traders to instantly follow the signals and strategies of more experienced traders. ZuluTrade automatically performs transactions in your AvaTrade account based on the recommendations of experienced traders.

AvaSocial is a social trading app where you can find mentors, get their advice, and copy their trades. AvaTradeGO and AvaTrade Options are the platform's mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.

The AvaTrade demo account has a day duration that can be extended on request. Additionally, AvaTrade is one of the most popular platforms on the market, meaning that there is likely to be liquidity available when you want to trade. Since , FOREX. com has provided independent traders with access to the potential of the world's currency markets.

It is a reputable international online broker that serves traders in the retail FX and CFD markets. Although all of the products offered by FOREX. com, including CFDs, spread betting, and futures, are available in some of the regions it serves, not all of them are.

For instance, FOREX. com provides traders outside of the U. with an excellent selection of more than 4, CFDs, even though CFDs are not available in the US owing to regulatory issues. It offers rich educational resources with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level trading programs with trading courses and webinar series.

Thanks to its smooth user interface and simple look, FOREX. com's mobile app makes trading and managing positions simple. Stay informed with market insights on the go, practical trade ideas, and expert advice with the platform's Market News and Analysis feature. The minimum deposit required is of your base currency i. Visit Forex. com Now Your capital is at risk.

FXTM has made a name for itself as a top broker for border and emerging markets. There are 4 million users worldwide, spread over more than countries. It offers a chance to generate income through active trading or investment strategies. The company is licensed by the CySEC Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission , FSCA Financial Sector Supervision Authority of South Africa, FCA Financial Conduct Authority of the UK, and FSC Mauritius Financial Supervisory Commission. Commission-based and commission-free Forex accounts are available to traders on FXTM.

This is my first crytocurrency investment platform, and am enjoying it so far. The support on this platform is the best. When l had little issues, they came up reliable and effective and I am earning greatly now.

Everyone need to know this. Mi gerente de cuenta me trajo aquí, merece un elogio. Ahora he pagado mis deudas y estoy feliz. San Francisco, California. Toggle navigation. JOIN THOUSANDS WHO HAVE ALREADY TRADED WITH Forex Option Profit Create a Trading Account. ABOUT US Forex Option Profit is a group of investors, traders, analyst and brokers, with valuable experience in the sphere of forex and crypto-currency dedicated their time to research development.

Forex Option Profit ×. On the contrary, you could choose to exercise the options too, should you choose to do so. This is in contrast to the other assets that AvaTrade offers, which are usually all CFD products,.

AvaTrade also has a dedicated options trading platform called AvaOptions, which allows you to evaluate the potential profitability of various strategies and calculate the potential profits, losses, and the point at which you will break even on the trade.

Since options are an inherently more risky asset class than trading stocks or currencies, AvaOptions also has professional risk management tools that help you ensure that you are only trading within your own risk appetite, such as stop losses that are tied to the prices of the underlying assets.

Just like Plus, AvaTrade and AvaOptions are both available as a web platform, desktop app, and mobile app. This allows people of different preferences and schedules to monitor their positions on the go. One minor drawback of the platform is that if you choose to speculate on options premiums instead of actually exercising the contracts, the spreads on the sales can be a bit high, which will end up cutting into your profits. Robinhood is the platform of choice for retail investors and the platform which first popularised the idea of commissions-free trading.

There are several reasons why this is the platform of choice that beginners tend to use. Firstly, the platform has been designed in a way that makes it very simple to navigate. The design teams at Robinhood have said that their target audience was the unsophisticated investor, and therefore, they wanted to create a platform that anyone could understand and use irrespective of their technical expertise.

This stands in stark contrast to other options trading platforms, which might require a learning curve of their own before you can trade on them. In addition to this, Robinhood also allows you to trade options on stocks , indices, commodities, and forex pairs. These are actual options contracts and not CFDs, which means you can exercise them as well as simply speculate on the prices of the option premiums.

In addition to options, the platform also allows you to trade stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and ETFs. Their wide product offering, all of which is provided to customers at very low commissions, is the reason that the platform stands out. The Interactive Brokers platform is one that has been specially designed for advanced and professional options traders, and the tools it offers are unmatched across the industry.

For starters, through Interactive Brokers, you can trade actual options contracts on stocks from over the world, indices, currencies, and commodities. The fact that Interactive Brokers allows you access to the global markets instead of being centered just on the US markets is already a factor that enables them to stand out from their competition. They have a professional Trader Workstation that houses a variety of professional trading tools such as algorithmic options trading, a Strategy Lab, a Volatility Lab, a Strategy Builder, a Portfolio Builder, and support for backtesting strategies.

However, you cannot trade on leverage through the Interactive Brokers platform without a very high margin deposit, and this is one of the only drawbacks of the platform.

As an options trading platform, Charles Schwab is very different from most of the platforms that have been discussed so far. This is because it is a platform that primarily caters to unique order types and fundamentally-oriented options traders. Their market research capabilities are unparalleled in the industry, which makes them a very valuable asset for traders who use this information to trade. In addition to this, they also allow traders to trade fractional options. This is a very useful characteristic.

Usually, options are sold in groups of Therefore, if you buy one options contract, the underlying asset is usually shares. By allowing fractional options ownership, Charles Schwab allows you to trade on options even with low capital investments. They also have a mobile app that you can use to trade, but it is not as good as the web platform, since it lacks the alerts features and does not support options chains either.

Plus is one of the best overall options trading platforms that you can use, and this is true for a variety of reasons. For starters, Plus is a very highly regulated broker, and it has been regulated by the CySEC as well as the FCA, both of which are considered to be Tier-1 regulatory agencies for trading platforms.

In addition to this, their options trading includes a wide variety of asset classes, most of which is unparalleled across any of the other trading platforms that have been discussed in this article.

For example, through Plus, you can invest in options on stocks, indices, as well as commodities. As far as stock options are concerned, these are available with both US stocks and international stocks as the underlying asset. Another characteristic that sets Plus apart from the other platforms is that it operates completely on a commission-free model.

This means that for every trade you make, you only pay fees in the form of spreads. Since these spreads are usually lower than the commissions charged by platforms, Plus has one of the most competitive fee structures among any other options platforms. This is further compounded by the fact that the platform only allows you to trade CFDs. Since most standard exchange-traded options are cash-settled anyway, this is not much of a difference-maker.

All this means is that at no point in the trade do you own the options themselves, on the contrary, you own a CFD on the option and can speculate on the direction that the options premiums will take. For any given security that you wish to trade options on, you get to choose from a very wide variety of strike prices and expiration dates, which gives traders a lot of variety.

In addition to this, the platform also has several charting tools that you can use to analyze the prices and premiums before you decide on the option you wish to buy or write. The only major drawback of Plus is that it does not have a specific platform that is dedicated to options trading, which means that several options-specific tools and analysis methods are unavailable. However, this is made up for by the fact that the platform has been designed in a very user-friendly way, and it is very easy to navigate the platform and learn where everything is.

Lastly, some of the general advantages of Plus as a platform are that besides options, it allows you to trade on a whole host of other asset classes such as stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities, and forex pairs. You can also download the Plus mobile app to easily and conveniently be able to trade through your phone on the move.

A tabular comparison of the trading and non-trading fees that you will be paying while trading through some of the platforms discussed above has been provided. In order to be able to fully understand options, there are several factors that you need to be aware of. Most of these peculiarities have been discussed below in detail. Options trading refers to the buying and selling of calls or puts on a stock.

In order to best understand this, let us consider an example. However, there are rumors that a major builder might be trying to build a shopping complex near the land, which would drastically improve the value of the land.

However, since these are only rumors, it is very difficult to know for sure whether or not this would happen. In this scenario, B approaches A with a deal. In case the price of the land remains the same, B refuses to buy it. This is an options contract. This is what options work like.

Options trading platforms are regulated in the same way as standard trading platforms. Usually, there is a separate platform that is solely dedicated to options trading, which is used by traders to perform complex analyses on options. This could include analyzing the profitability of options in a variety of situations to understand the profitability, or simply trying to ascertain the breakeven point of a particular trade.

Options can be traded on any asset. Usually, the most popular options trading platforms tend to provide access to options on stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies. A few platforms even provide access to options on cryptocurrencies and ETFs, but those are rare. In addition to the standard exchange-traded options, you can also have more complex exotic options.

By performing a simple Google search for this purpose, you will be presented with thousands of potential suitors. As such, the process involved in finding the best forex trading platform for you can be time-consuming. After all, you need to explore things like supported currency pairs, commissions, minimum account balances, and regulation.

In this guide, we review the best forex trading platforms in We also walk you through the steps required to start buying and selling currencies today at a top-rated forex trading platform! You can find a full review of each provider by scrolling down! Featured Broker Visit Site CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Rating 5. Spread 1 pip 0. eToro — Over Best Forex Trading Platform eToro is now one of the largest forex brokers in the online space — with more than 17 million clients on its books. The main attraction with eToro is that the platform is extremely easy to use. And of course — the platform allows you to trade forex without paying a single cent in commission. Instead, this top-rated forex trading platform makes its money through the spread. This covers a huge number of majors and minors, as well as a selection of exotic currencies like the South African rand and Hungarian forint.

You can trade all supported currency pairs with leverage at eToro — with most users being able to access on majors and on minors and exotics. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. What we really like about eToro is that it is also suitable for those of you that have never previously traded forex and want to open a micro currency account.

In terms of the fundamentals, eToro is regulated by the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC. It keeps client funds in segregated bank accounts and verifies the identity of all trades. As such, you can trade forex at eToro in a safe and sound environment. Finally, we should note that on top of forex, eToro also supports commission-free stocks, ETFs , indices, cryptocurrencies , and commodities.

Although eToro makes our number one spot as the best forex trading platform of - it doesn't allow US residents to buy and sell currencies.

As such, if you're an American and looking for the best forex site in the space right now - look no further than Forex. As the name suggests, this provider is a specialist forex trading platform. By going through the motions of opening an account and making a deposit - you will then have unfettered access to over 80 currency pairs. This includes a huge variety of majors, minors, and exotics. In particular, Forex. com is a great platform to consider if you want to access emerging currencies.

In terms of fees, this popular forex trading platform offers several account types to choose from. For example, if you're a casual forex trader you might consider opting for an account that offers commission-free positions.

At the other end of the scale, professional forex traders might opt for the STP Pro account. This allows you to trade from just 0. Crucially, we like the fact that Forex.

com allows you to choose a pricing structure that meets your trading profile. com gives you access to its own native trading platform - which can access online or via the provider's mobile app, including advanced charting.

Alternatively, you can also access your Forex. com account via the third-party platform MetaTrader 4 MT4 , where you can perform backtesting. The platform is also a proponent of forex EAs, as it offers 20 free forex trading strategies that you can easily install into your MT4 dashboard.

VantageFX is our top recommended forex trading platform. This CFD trading platform first launched in Australia, but it's since expanded around the globe. The brokerage has left its mark with a range of asset classes, very low fees, and excellent trading tools. VantageFX is solely a CFD trading platform. They provide every investment opportunity from forex trading to cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. They are a brokerage geared towards every type of investor. Whether you're new or experienced in trading, there is something to interest you here, with competitively low spreads and a zero commission account option.

A big part of why we recommend VantageFX is its high leverage forex trading. You can trade major forex pairs on margin of up to VantageFX offers a variety of trading platforms, including its own web trader and mobile app. The broker also integrates with the highly popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. So, you can trade with forex signals or create custom technical indicators to suit your needs. Notably, VantageFX also enables social trading with Myfxbook, ZuluTrade, and Duplitrade.

VantageFX is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC. If you a novice in the world of forex trading then you should choose a platform the supports low minimum deposits. In doing so, you can test the waters out slowly without risking too much capital. Nevertheless, FXCM is home to a great range of forex pairs - all of which can be traded commission-free.

Spreads are particularly competitive when trading major pairs. FXCM is also a great option if you want access to leverage. In fact, this top-rated forex trading platform offers leverage of up to Your limits will, however, also be dictated by your location and prior trading knowledge. For example, UK and European traders will be capped to In terms of the forex trading platform itself, FXCM offers full support for MT4 and ZuluTrade.

Or, you might decide to use the provider's native FXCM Trading Station - with is very popular with newbies. Finally, FXCM has been active in the forex trading scene for over two decades and is regulated by the FCA. There is no guarantee you will make money with this provider.

TD Ameritrade is arguably one of the most reputable brokerage firms globally. Established more than four decades ago, the platform is typically known for offering a huge library of stocks, ETFs, and investment funds. However, TD Ameritrade is also behind a fully-fledged forex trading facility.

The platform supports a wide variety of tradable currencies, with pairs including the likes of USD, CAD, GBP, HKD, NZD, JPY, NOK, and more. All supported pairs can be traded 23 hours per day - subsequently ensuring that the platform serves its global client base. We should note that the TD Ameritrade 'Thinkorswim' platform is best suited for experienced forex traders. This is because it comes packed with professional-level tools and features that to the untrained eye - might come across as somewhat intimidating.

When it comes to forex trading fees, TD Ameritrade builds all commissions into the spread. This means that you only need to look out for the gap between the bid and ask of your chosen FX pair. In some respect, leverage is a crucial tool to have at your disposal when trading forex online. After all, the day-to-day gains that you can make by buying and selling currency pairs are going to be somewhat modest. As such, if you have access to a small amount of capital, it might be best to use a platform that offers high levels of leverage.

As always, you might be offered lower limits - especially if you are based in Europe and you're not deemed to be a professional trader. Nevertheless, we should note IG is much more than just a high leverage broker. On the contrary, this hugely popular forex trading platform gives you access to over 80 currency pairs. Fees are really attractive too, as spreads on major pairs start from just 0.

There are no commissions charged in the IG forex trading department, either. Additionally, IG is also compatible with MT4. If you haven't previously heard of IG and are concerned about safety - you shouldn't be. This brokerage firm has been operational since the s and it is now publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange. And most importantly - it is fully regulated in several jurisdictions.

FXTM is a popular forex trading platform that offers full support for MT4. This means that once you open an account and make a deposit, you can place all buy and sell orders via the MT4 desktop software. As a seasoned trader, you'll know that MT4 provides heaps of technical indicators and is compatible with automated forex EAs.

FXTM itself offers a huge number of forex pairs and there are several account types on offer. Plus, this FXTM account allows you to trade forex with micro amounts. This is perfect if you are trading forex online for the first time. In terms of forex trading fees, this will depend on your chosen account type. For example, some accounts offer zero commissions and wider spreads, while others allow you to trade currency pairs at 0 pips.

If you're a newbie, FXTM offers a good selection of educational and research tools. This will allow you to become a better forex trader over the course of time. If you are looking to trade several different asset classes other than just forex, XTB might be a good option to consider. The online trading platform is particularly popular in Mainland Europe - as XTB's parent company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Nevertheless, the forex trading department at XTB is highly extensive, with dozens of pairs to choose from.


Forex Option Profit is world's leading cryptocurrency online investment and trading platform that offers Bitcoin trading options, provides 24/7 customer support, high level of security, and Beyond operating the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, forex broker, multi investment company, Forex Option Inc spans an entire ecosystem. Forex Option Inc LLC Brokerage Firm 21/12/ · A list of some of the top options trading platforms is: AvaTrade – The Best Forex Options Trading Platform; Robinhood – The Best Options Trading Platform for Beginners; At OPTION24 we offer 16 forex platforms to choose from for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android Powered devices which operate seamlessly with the same account. The primary 23/10/ · Top 6 Forex Trading Platforms For Beginners (List) eToro: Overall Best Forex Trading App ; Libertex: Popular Forex trading platform with tight spreads offers; The Platform: Ease of use, the option chain, analytics (in examining potential option traders) and option screeners are what we look for any platform. While more seasoned traders and ... read more

Once again, your limits will be determined by your country of residence - with the UK, Europe, and several other regions capped to Features Amazing research tools. A few platforms even provide access to options on cryptocurrencies and ETFs, but those are rare. Trade forex, stocks, gold, oil, equity indices and cryptocurrencies from 1 platform with no rejections, no re-quotes and flexible leverage from to AvaSocial is a social trading app where you can find mentors, get their advice, and copy their trades. There are several technicalities and factors affecting option prices that only highly experienced traders can be consistently profitable.

Cons: Not suitable for experienced traders who wish to perform advanced analysis No dedicated options trading platform available. VantageFX is solely a CFD trading platform. This will allow you to trade forex online in a risk-averse manner. On the contrary, forex option trading platform, you could choose to exercise the options too, should you choose to do so. After all, no two brokers are the same, so you need to ensure that the platform is conducive forex option trading platform your forex trading needs. View all posts by Kane Pepi. And of course — the platform allows you to trade forex without paying a single cent in commission.